I live out of Rio, how can I buy Garota Carioca? (Juliana, Porto Alegre-RS)
A: Please call our Sales Department and they´ll help you find a Garota Carioca store near you.

I love to shop on the internet! Can I buy via web? (Yolanda, Curitiba-PR)
A: Only resailers can buy via web at the moment. Our minimum order is about U$ 1,080 depending on currency ratings.

I´d like to be a resailer. What do I have to do? (Aline, Salvador-BA)
A: To be a resailer you should fill in the subscription form (be sure to check "i want to resell") and wait contact from our comercial dept. (minimum order about U$ 1,080, depending on currency rates)

I bought a leg with a silver print. What´s the best way to maintain the print´s shine? (Ana Maria, Rio de Janeiro-RJ)
A: You should always wash it from the inside. This way the print won´t be in direct contact with washing products.

I bought a colorfull T-shirt. What is the best way to wash it? (Erica, Recife-PE)
A: From the inside with neutral soap.


I workout a lot and wash my clothes frequently, how can I preserve them ? Clara, Joinville-SC)
A: Avoid direct contact with oily creams. Avoid contact with abrasive areas. Always choose delicate washing.

Spinning is my favorite class. What´s the best outfit? (Carla, Natal-RN)
A: The most important thing is to check if the bike´s bench is in good condition. You should bring a towel to avoid sitting on abrasive benches. Besides that, you should wear basic leggins or pants. Yopu should avoid close that have lot´s of details in ares that will be in contact the bike.

I loved the saiote, but how should I wear it? (Andréia, São Paulo-SP)
A: The saiote can be worn during exercise or leaving the gym. It is a piece designed to cover your buttocks in charming way. Many woman tie a T-shirt to the waist to cover themselfs and that looks terrible!) Saiotes look best with plain, one color leggings or pants without stamps.

What should I wear underneath a camisote? A Top? What about the pants? Can I wear this with shorts as well? (Priscila, Florianópolis-SC)
A: Camisotes are a new piece of clothing created to cover strategic parts of your body. Makes you confortable and feminine. It goes well with any bottom piece, from shorts to pants. It can be worn during exercise or leaving/arriving the gym.

I love white but I´m afraid they´ll be transparent... (Adriana, Belém-PB)
A: There´s always some transparecy in white fabrics. For white tops we always use double lining. For bottom pieces the transparency may became worse if you strech the fabric. That means you should always wear the correct size for you.

When I use white leggins my panties are visible...what´s the best lingerie to use with these leggings? (Flávia, Brasília-DF)
A: You should wear basic underwear, in only one color and no lacing. Prefered colors are skin-color and red (surprisinly red does not show underneath white). In winter you can use stockings underneath your leg and cut them at the height of the leg.

If I buy something and the print comes off, do I get another product? (Mariana, Vitória-ES)
A: Our products are always tested before reaching the final consumer, that is, you. But if even so, the pattern is damaged, you should send the piece to us. We´ll have a look and if it is not bad washing you´ll get a new one.

I saw a beautiful pant in a friend at the gym, but I went to store and it´s not available anymore. How can I buy pieces from old collections? (Fabiana, Rio de Janeiro-RJ)
A: We´ve got some pieces from previus collections in our wholesale stock. If you want to buy a specific piece, call our wholesale dept. If the collection you wanted is not available anymore have a look at the new ones. We launch new collections every week! Check it out!